We take part in several events throughout the year, where we display and sell some of the collection.

These have included:-

Shuttleworth Air Museum events

Ayscoughfee Hall, Spalding 1940s weekend

Bourne Classic Car and Bike Show

Syston Park Hill Climb

Little Gransden Air and Car Show

NEC Toy and Model Fair

Springfields Motorbike Show

Newark Winter Classic Bike Show

Stafford Classic Mechanics Bike Show

Sywell Piston and Props Weekend

Alongside Regular attendance at the Bourne Motor Racing Club monthly meetings.


See below for our 2020 events list :-

Shuttleworth June 2019
Forthcoming Events

MANY thanks to all the people who have supported us in our second year at the various shows we attended in 2019.


Thanks to everyone that came to our stand at the Newark Classic Bike Show, and at the Springfields Bike Show again in 2020, 

These really are great shows for 'blowing away the cobwebs' as they say, and to get out in the fresh air and talk bikes. I'm pleased to say several items are now with new enthusiastic owners, and I hope they enjoy them for many years to come.


Unfortunately as we are all aware, our lives have changed dramatically over the last few weeks, and at this point in time, we have no knowledge about the possibility of any of the planned shows for this year. It would be extremely optimistic to think we may be able to attend shows from July/August on, but only time will tell. In the meantime, I will try to get lots more items added to the Website, and will be happy to help via the post assuming that carries on as normal.

Stay Safe, and hopefully see you at an Airshow or similar in the not too distant future.

Once we know we are attending shows during the year, we will put them on our Events page straight away. Also keep an eye on our Facebook page, as they will also appear on there.

I'm very pleased to say we have just received notification that we have been accepted for the Shuttleworth Airshows for 2020. We do not know at this point exactly which shows will go ahead, but as soon as we are told we will post on the Website, and out Facebook Page.

Quiz Answers

(Please note this is just a fun quiz all put together out of my madly enthusiastic head, no Google involved, so any mistakes are 57 year old human error). :)

1.George O'Dell (1977)

2. John Surtees and Luigi Taveri

3.Dave Aldana and Jody Nicholas


Hopefully it was fun to test that memory bank :)



Join us at the events to explore some of the collection

  • Aviation, War and Motorsport Books, many signed and possibly unique.

  • Original Motorsport Posters (both Car and Bike Events).

  • Quality Limited Edition Aviation Prints – most with Artist / Veteran Signatures.

  • Die Cast Models of Bikes, Cars and Planes, including helmets – some with signatures.

  • Signed Photos, First Day Covers, many multi signed.

  • Racing T shirts and Caps. Signed racing gloves,caps and balaclavas.

Ayscoughfee 2018
Shuttleworth 2018
Bourne 2017
Newark Winter Classic 2019
Springfields 2019
Bourne 2019
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